[FIXED] Unable to download BFD 3.4

I have had a BSD3 license since 2018, but nothing I have seen on bfddrums.com allows me to upgrade to 3.4. I had no problem downloading the licenser but the only option for getting 3.4 is to buy a completely new license at full retail price. The link identified as “Already have BFD but not BFD3?” isn’t relevant (I did try to buy it using my license number as the Promo Code, but it was rejected.

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If you’ve already bought BFD3, you wont need to repurchase it.

Have you made an account at bfddrums? Are you still able to log into your FXPansion account? IIRC, there was an option in my FXP account to send the relevant details over to bfddrums.

I forget all this stuff the moment I’ve done it tho. Someone with more brains will be along to help, I’m sure. Or maybe @BFD_Drew could help?

Welcome to the forum btw :slight_smile:

Have you migrated your FXpansion account to BFD Drums? I think it will swap your old serial # for a new one to work with the new site and LM.

Make sure you’ve logged into your FXpansion account and migrated it over to inMusic first. Then you’ll be able to download BFD License Manager, which will enable you to download and authorize BFD3 itself.

It’s all covered in these docs:

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Thank you, this helped, much appreciated!

Thank you very much Fender_Bender, I didn’t find the new serial at first but reinstalled licenser and looks like all is ok now.

Thank you BFD_Drew, and all of you, for the quick response


Very happy to try and help. This forums seems to be full of people happy to help out along with people in the BFD dev team itself.

Its nice to be nice :slight_smile:

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