[FIXED] Crash when loading BFD2 presets

I thought I’d revisit BFD 3.4 to see if it was any better then when it initially migrated from FXP…unfortunately not.

I can’t load any BFD2 presets without an immediate crash/dump and a request to restart.
I’ve tried a reinstall but that obviously didn’t help. BFD2 kits load ok but not presets.

I also noticed that it’s started to give me a error on my BFD2 data folders…and yes @BFD_Drew provided London/Eldorado but it previously scanned the BFD2 folder just fine so something changed.

If I remove anything BFD2 from the content (and therefore missing half by kits/presets) I can get things working ok-ish. Of course I’m missing lots of my content (going back to BFD1)

FWIW I still have the FXP standalone and that works fine apart from not seeing the licences for the new expansions.

The whole situation is pretty tragic IMO and I wish I hadn’t bothered migrating - support don’t answer of course :slight_smile: any clues on what to do ?

Can you post a zip file of your crash logs??

I’m not keen on posting to a public forum, who knows what information is in the log ?

happy to post it through to support - although how do I go about doing that as the don’t reply ?

also I notice the crash happens if I have ‘kit’ selected but NOT ‘mixer’ when loading the preset…if you make sure you select both it’s much more stable…although not 100%

I’ll see if I can PM you a crash log

none of this explains the ‘new’ licence error of course - which I definitely didn’t have last time I tried to get the new BFD3 working.

I assume you know that The London Sessions is missing some of the stuff from BFD2? meaning presets don’t always load successfully (even when they don’t crash bfd!)

There shouldn’t be anything missing from London Sessions from BFD2. I think one cymbal had a name change back in the day, but that was a super old fix from back when London Sessions was first released.

I got your PM. Just taking a look now.

yes - a cymbal
plus other stuff. from memory, a tambourine ? my BFD had a couple of 8bitkit things 2 (return of the 8bit kit preset) ? etc

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quick update - the crash on loading BFD2 projects fixed for with the latest beta - which should go live fairly soon. :+1:

quick update

BFD support got back to me (shock!) - they said I could fix the crashes I was getting by logging back out of the licence manager and logging back in.

are the support staff getting any training ?

Some are not. I reported the server down the other day. Tech support got back and said this was caused by my having an older version of BFD3 and the LM. Needless to say, not correct, and not a very useful response.

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How to migrate BFD2 content to new BFD3.4.2?? I have still problem. I have licensed BFD2 paths but there is license problem.

BFD3 migrated to new inmusicbrands profile…but BFD2 not. Earlier I could use BFD2 content (in BFD3) now it has problem.

I have still BFD serial on old fXPansion account but this serial didn’t migrated to new profile. New license manager can see only BFD3 serial…

best create a new thread for this specific issue

BUT the latest version of BFD cannot use the original BFD2 samples and yes, you will get a licence error if you try

You CAN use BFD2 presets however but you will need a copy of “London Sessions” - get in touch with support who can supply you with a licence for this

Original support doesnt’t reply… Ok. So I have original licensed BFD2 library but… I have to pay for London Sessions to own BFD2 library again? Is it a joke?

no - you don’t have to pay - you will get a copy of London Sessions for free.

I’m surprised you haven’t at least taken a look at the forum before posting ?

I have written required serials/usernames to Drew Vernon (from facebook BFD group) a week ago. No reply. No reply from Drew, no reply from support.

Paging @BFD_Drew. Paging @BFD_Drew . You’re needed at the front desk.

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