[Fixed] BDF3 MAC m1 authorization fail(Error#403002)

I’m in trouble authorizing my bfd3 license in my mac book.

I bought bfd3 few days ago.
I’m using 2 computers.
computer1: Window 10(available)
computer2: Mac M1 12.6(unavailable)
I’m stuck with mac license issue after authorizing my window computer successfully.

I dragged and dropped the license manager( from InMusic Profile Website.
I turned on the app and at first, the authorization was successful.
But when I downloaded the updated version of bfd3(, a window popped up to shut down the license manager during the installation of bfd3 app, so I did.
After I turned on license manager app, authorization request window popped up again, but this time authorization was invalid and error#403002 report showed up.

License Manager told me that I had TOO MUCH simultaneous devices requesting authorization, but that is not true.
I’ve searched how this issue can be solved and nothing has changed.
Above all, I thought bfd3 as one of the best acoustic drum vst, but because of the license issue I am really upset about this whole plugin now.

Any advices to handle this issue?

I sent an email to “support@bfddrums.com” and finally they let me reauthorize my mac.
It took a week for them to fix, a bit longer than I expected, but I appreciate bfd support team’s help.
If somebody is having similar issues like mine you should keep in touch with patience.