First Expansion Pack - You decide for me. Trolls, please don't respond

Hey FB. Where are you looking for sale prices? I bought the standard off of Sweetwater because of black friday sale.

Here’s the link to @Fender_Bender 's sales thread. Happy retail therapy!

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Sorry I’ve been M.I.A. This forum no longer supports my Safari browser and that’s the only one I have on my production machine. Just catching up now on another Mac with Chrome.


Welcome back, I thought you might have gone on vacation.

Welcome back. Thought it had been a while since I’d seen you.
Try Firefox. Chrome tracks everything you do. Firefox is much, much better for protecting your privacy.

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Without a doubt if you want the best possible sounds to trigger from an ekit (I presume that’s what you’re doing with “play along”) don’t bother with any of the BFD expansion kits. Head straight over to Platinum Samples.

In my opinion they are still to this day the greatest drum libraries on the market. They were sampled at rates far higher than any other. And from what I’ve seen that includes anything from Superior or Slate etc…

I would start with the Joe Barresi pack. Then the Jim Scott and then the Andy Johns. They are always my go to for the best possible results and also the most realistic feel on an ekit.

And yes I have the BFD2/London, Deluxe, BFD3, and a few of the “newer” kits. None of them are as good.

Do that add ons work with BFD3? I don’t have any of the older versions.

One thing to keep in mind since you are using an eDrum Kit is the size of your kit…
You mentioned having an MPS-850 Millenium which is 6pc and some of the ones you were looking at are 5pc.
London Sessions 10 kits/5pc (except for DW 6pc)…25 presets…
Horsepower 6 Kits/5pc (3 kits x brushes/sticks)…6 presets
Modern Retro 2 Kits/7pc…56 Presets…and 70 instruments
Oblivion 9 kits/6pc…9 presets

The Platinum Samples Kits are in BFD3 format
The Platinum Samples site is kinda of “Dated” as far as keeping up with things…
The site itself hasn’t been updated since 2012…It could use a more “current” set of samples all around.

The Rock Legends Kit presets cover quite a bit of what you mentioned as far as music…
I was going to recommend earlier…but I couldn’t find more current examples or Youtube Video etc…
The Youtube Video has 3 comments…from 11 years ago…gives you an idea of how many people actually know this expansion even exists.
You can get an idea of the Presets as they are shown being scrolled thru in BFD2…Metal Kits…RNB…etc etc…also as your a fan of Gretsch…it is the 125th Aniv. Limited Edition Gretsch Rock Legend drum kit (Charlie Watts Kit)

Platinum Samples Rock Legends QuickPack
Rock Legends 1 Kit/6pc…25 Presets…(Includes 2 sets of Presets… BFD2 and BFD3)
Product description states 25 presets , but I show 27

There isn’t much info around for the expansion…or the Kit itself…including the Gretsch site.

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Yep. I use them with BFD3 every day.

It’s true that it’s just kind of floating there at the moment but the packs are the packs and they simply work. So personally I think once you have them there isn’t really much more you need. A while back Rail ( the main dude at Platinum Samples ) mentioned that they were having some new stuff coming out but haven’t heard anything since. If that’s what you mean by “current”. But as I said, in terms of quality, they may be old but in my opinion nobody has done it as thoroughly since. No other company has yet to even come close to 256 velocity layers on a single piece and I really think that level of detail shows it’s benefits on ekits. And the sounds themselves are exactly what the original poster is after. Pop/Rock/Hard Rock samples. Anyway, maybe he’ll pop in here to give us an update on what’s going on.

I get it though that’s it’s probably a pretty tough go of it in this industry so it may just be that’s all Platinum Samples is ever going to be. I just wish when the BFD guys decide to do BFD4 that they take it to the level that Platinum Samples did with their libraries and record ridiculous levels of detail because whenever I load a BFD3 kit I constantly am disappointed with how they don’t measure up (with a couple of exceptions) to the play-ability and “realistic” feel of the vast majority of the drums in the PS packs. In the PS packs it’s like only a few of the snares for example don’t play with quite the right level of detail, but with the BFD packs it’s the opposite. There are only a few that feel like they cover the whole dynamic range properly.

Hey guys and Chaser

Man, thanks for your guys help, and Chaser, your right on the money with the 6pc. I’ve run across that problem many times so far. In the base package, I currently have been stuck on the Ludwig SS kit, but I have to add a DW Floor tom 2 to complete the set. Not a game breaker, other than being a computer geek, there’s a portion in my head that keeps yelling “not a matching set”.

I really appreciate the input from all and am taking everybody’s comments to heart. Thanks a bunch guys.

The problem you’ll run into with swapping out 3 Tom Kits with 4 Tom Kits is Toms are typically Tuned in Groups…so a Tom 4 taken from a 4 Tom kit will be tuned differently than in a 3 Tom Kit or another kit with specific tuning …
You are using BFD3 Factory Presets and the Core Library…the DW Floor Tom which is probably the Mardi Gras…
The BFD Progressive Metal 200bpm PG Preset and BFD3 Progressive 212bpm PG Preset both use Floor Tom 1…but different Tuning.

Here is a quick reference chart for Fundamental Tuning…

on another note…if memory serves me correctly isn’t the Ludgwig SS one of those where the photos are incorrect and don’t match the Kit pieces info or in the mixer?

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