Finding BFD3 in Studio One

I’ve been scanning, re-scanning, pasting the BFD3 dll all over my VST folders trying to get it to show up in Studio one. No dice. Plugin Manager files both BFD2 and BFD3 under FXPansion. Should this still be the case or should it be showing up as InMusic or BFD Drums? Is this a known issue? I can get BFD2 to load but it can’t find its content folder. I don’t care about that - I need it to find the latest build of BFD3.

Anyone else having this problem in Studio One 4.5?

I just crossgraded from Cubase to Studio One 5 Pro (because I’m not interested in yet another company phoning home every month) and surprisingly BFD3 actually worked. However, I had previously deleted all references to fxpansion and BFD2 and re-installed everything (including all expansions) from new downloads, everything now under BFDDrums folders and BFD3 only. Nuked from orbit, the only way to be sure.


Thanks for the tip. I don’t think I was at a high enough altitude when I nuked my system. Yeah, I appreciate the sentiment about Cubase; I was actually about to crossgrade to Cubase when I heard that!!! Knowing that it’s not an option for me now forced me to dig into S1 and even upgrade to 5 and I’m actually pretty happy about it.

Thanks again!

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