Files recorded by the new edrum software

I have a client who has gotten a new edrum kit that he says comes with BFD. He records into Logic Pro. He normally brings his lap top to me and I pull his session in, open it and then we edit, mix, etc. Will the files he creates on this “new?” BFD be compatible with my BFD3?

That’s the new BFD Player from some “Special Edition” Alesis kits. We’re still in the dark about it until it’s officially released to everyone. I have no idea about compatibility with BFD3.

Ha! Maybe I’ll be the one to give a first report !! Alrighty then!


Yes please do. I did see a little bit of it in action in a video demo.

Do you have a Clarence White style B-string bender?

No, just a re-issue 70’s Strat with ash body. My Dad had a nice original Tele from the 60’s. He gave it to my brother and it got stolen.

Got a 71-72 Thinline Tele. After a year, I had the pickups swapped out and a precision bridge put on. About 5 years ago I got a wider neck.

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You got links I can hear?

@TyFord Looks beautiful man. I really dig the Tele’s with humbuckers.

I don’t really pick up the axe nowadays, except if I need to record some tracks. This is probably one of the more recent times I did play. Just some lead over a backing track for a contest. That’s an amp sim. I do have a nice Louis Electric KR-12 amp that is killer, but it’s super loud and I can’t really record with it where I am. I’ve got a few decent pedals for fuzz, OD, delay and wah.

This is a track I wrote a while back. I think this was my first time using BFD3 on a recording.

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I’d say you were “on it” on both tunes. Is that your vocal?

I only have one tune I did with an early version of BFD.

I had a lot of help from friends. I did the drum track first. That took a while because I had to imagine all the parts. I think I had to tweek it a few times. Country is not really my place, but that’s where this one ended up. My bass player friend said if I ever played it live, I’d need to wear a duster, sunglasses and a cowboy hat.

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Haha, thanks. Yeah, thankfully I’m still able to pick it up and rip it when I need to. Yes, that’s me singing. I’m ok at writing vocal melodies for tunes, but I never had the desire to work on my singing over the years. I just do it for fun and out of necessity.

Sounds good dude. Is that the DW kit? The kick and bass sit well together and have a decent punch. With no DAW routing in BFD1, did you just mix the drums on a stereo track, or record each kit channel one by one?

Yes, you do!! I like the vocal. Ohh! I forget the specific kit. Could have been DW. Yeah, I "composed within BFD1 and made a stereo drum track, panning to where I thought they should be.

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Hi TF,
So he records from the BFD Player in stand-alone feeding the audio into Logic or he opens the player as an instrument in Logic and records there? Certainly if he’s using the player in Logic those won’t change, and I can’t see any reason that feeding the audio from the player and recording that in Logic would be any different either. I think you should be good (knock on wood)!

Thanks, SF. Yeah, I was imagining BFD player to BFD might be like Garage Band is to Logic Pro. If someone brings in a Garage Band production, Logic Pro will suck it right up. If he records into Logic, using BFD player as a plugin, then MIDI is still MIDI and as long as I get that and the same instruments, it should work.