Fed up with licensing issues

So FFFfed up with this re-authorizing haphazardly- a big storm took out my internet for a few days and with it my ability to use BFD. Enough. Gone from this online ball and chain.

Either move to iLok, machine licensing or something sensible and non-disruptive, or Abbey Road drums, SSD, and others beckon.

Treat your customers with some respect, even Avid, with the worst customer service reputation in the business, doesn’t do this to me.

F’ing pissed off.


I agree with you! This is a huge lack of respect for customers who purchased a BFD3 license! I really regret not deciding on SD3. Because I am also a Pro Tools user, and it is UNACCEPTABLE that while everyone else, Trontrack; Addictive Drums; and all other virtual batteries are updated to native AAX apple silicon, BFD3 does not support it yet! I will contact my lawyer and take legal action against the company!

I’m with you on Superior Drummer 3 Mauro! Just had a long look at the demos etc. I dismissed Toontrack years ago, for me they sounded over processed and just not very realistic. But wow, the latest version, with Massenburg in charge, is a fabulous collection. I’m now replacing all my BFD3 instances in current and ongoing productions with a couple of NI Abbey Road, or Stephen Slate Free, just for now, just so I don’t get caught out by the stupid BFD licensing thing again. Then I’ll probably buy Superior 3, and ditch BFD 3 forever. It’s a real shame because I love their kits, great sound and the interface works well for me (not a big fan of Kontakt’s interface), and I’ve been with them since the original BFD. But they’ve not kept up with the market, and are definitely not listening to their users. I live in rural Brittany and often have very poor internet (may have to bite the bullet and go for Starlink) - when I tried to authorise the other day after the internet returned, I couldn’t despite being able to access the site. So I’m done!