Exporting BFD3 Pallette into Reaper

So I have tried every possible thing I can think of to export the pallette to Reaper… or any other DAW program. I can export one piece at a time but there has to be a way to export the whole pattern in the pallette. Very frustrating that I can not figure out how to do this. I have actually been using goldwave and recording the pallette as I play it. Then I take that file and use it in Reaper. There has to be a better way. Please help.

The BFD3 Groove Pallet is a proprietary format but there are a couple of ways you can export them as one.

If you go to your Groove Editor page and select the top groove in your pallet whilst holding control shift, then select the bottom Groove, you can then drag all grooves into the drum lane at the bottom.
From there you can go, file/export drum track midi or you can drag the entire drum track into your sequencers midi track.

Or, once the entire pallet is selected, you can drag the entire pallet to a folder on your desktop.
This method will means your folder will contain the entire pallet as individual midi clips which you can then import and arrange in your sequencer as you like.

These are done on Windows so I think control shift, to select all, is different on a mac.

Hope that’s helped.