Exporter mon master midi en pistes audio séparée dans studio one

Bonjour !

comment faire, dans studio one de presonus , pour transformer ma piste générale midi BFD 3 en multipiste audio … je sais que c’est possible mais le routing m’échappe.

Merci !

Je suis très désolé de ne pas écrire en français, mais:

One way you can do it is activate BFD’s multiple outputs. After that is done, you have to route your kit pieces to the wanted busses. You probably want to do this from the mixer screen, click on the bottom of each kit piece’s channel and then select the output you want it to go to.

Then in studio one you should be seeing as many outputs as you activated, and in accordance with the routing you made.

Another method (without multiple outputs) is by using the groove editor.

You can drag the MIDI data from the track to a slot in the groove editor, either in small chunks, or the whole thing. Then, from the Tools menu, tick “Drag exports Audio not MIDI”. Then, go to the mixer window, click the export panel, adjust the bit depth, arm the channels that you wish to have export to studio one. Go back to the groove window. Drag and drop the groove to an empty space in Studio one. If all went well, you should now have a number of audio tracks with all your drums in different tracks, agreeing with what channels you armed for export at BFD’s export panel.

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