Exported sounds sound distorted

Hello! I have already let support know about this problem through a ticket and I am waiting for a response, but I wanted to share it here, in the forum, in case it happens to someone else, has happened, etc. and we could exchange experiences.

First I put you in situation. Template of several tracks in Nuendo 12, BFD3 on an instrument track. It is a kit that I have assembled using the Maple Custom library (although in reality it happens with any expansion) All this under Windows 10, fully updated.

When exporting the stems to send them to a mixing session, the exported sounds sound hyper-compressed, distorted, disembodied…definitely nothing to do with the sound I’ve been hearing during production. Does anyone else happen to you? Has this happened to anyone and have they managed to find a solution?

For more data and to rule out possibilities, I completely uninstalled BFD3 and its expansions and reinstalled everything again. The problem persists. I have chatted with the support and sent a ticket but, as I was saying, I wanted to raise it here to see if it happens to someone else or has happened to it.

I leave you a sample of the exported sounds so that you better understand the situation.


A cordial greeting to all!

Okay. Well, my computer must be crazy because, as far as I can see, it doesn’t happen to anyone else. From support they do not identify the failure either so I have to do it as an engineer. I’ll tell you my progress, if I solve it.

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