Exported sounds sound distorted

Hello! I have already let support know about this problem through a ticket and I am waiting for a response, but I wanted to share it here, in the forum, in case it happens to someone else, has happened, etc. and we could exchange experiences.

First I put you in situation. Template of several tracks in Nuendo 12, BFD3 on an instrument track. It is a kit that I have assembled using the Maple Custom library (although in reality it happens with any expansion) All this under Windows 10, fully updated.

When exporting the stems to send them to a mixing session, the exported sounds sound hyper-compressed, distorted, disembodied…definitely nothing to do with the sound I’ve been hearing during production. Does anyone else happen to you? Has this happened to anyone and have they managed to find a solution?

For more data and to rule out possibilities, I completely uninstalled BFD3 and its expansions and reinstalled everything again. The problem persists. I have chatted with the support and sent a ticket but, as I was saying, I wanted to raise it here to see if it happens to someone else or has happened to it.

I leave you a sample of the exported sounds so that you better understand the situation.


A cordial greeting to all!

Okay. Well, my computer must be crazy because, as far as I can see, it doesn’t happen to anyone else. From support they do not identify the failure either so I have to do it as an engineer. I’ll tell you my progress, if I solve it.

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I have experienced this a few times while BFD3 is open in my DAW (Cubase). I have to delete the track and add a new instance of BFD3 in order to get rid of it. I know it’s not the same as your issue when exporting, but it sounds super distorted and delayed, really horrible, even when changing kits.

I’ve had problems trying to use BFD3 from a saved session template, or instrument track preset in Pro Tools as well. Usually it just crashes from what I remember. I delete the instrument track and add a new one, inserting BFD3 again. Seems like there is some type of issue across different DAW’s with recalling templates and or track presets.

That’s exactly what it is Mr Bender, easy fix but should not be an issue when loading a saved template…mine is not crashing tho, maybe once i can’t remember, but i do need to get rid of it and load a new instance.