[EXPECTED BEHAVIOUR] Can't load selected drums

Hi there,
when i opened my BFD3 today to load in a kit of other toms all my extensions are greyed out,
so I can’t load other toms, snares, etc.
see picture BFD Drums

In the drum menu itself all extensions are available.
See picture BFD Kits

BFD3 is on the latest version
Licensemanager on

All Licenses aviable in the Licensmanager and up to date
anay ideas whats going wrong there ?

Greetins Roland

So, all the BFD3 core content is there, and none of your other content. Are they on different drives? I would say that it just means that maybe that drive wasn’t up, or there was a glitch, or whatever, and BFD didn’t see it was available when you launched it.

The Kits are actually presets. Those are typically installed into the Core library path, or in a user directory.* It will still see the Kits if it can access those presets, even though the drive for the drum content is missing. However, since the drum content itself is gone, it’s greyed out as unavailable.

*I actually move all the factory presets under the directories with their content, just to keep things better organized. So, all of those are greyed out if I fire up BFD3 without the drive connected, but all my user Kits are visible.

All content on the same drive C,same as Windows and all other BFD Stuff.
I can load any Kit but if i want to change toms,snare,cymbels from a other Kit ,these kits not aviable.
It works last times and i dont change any things in BFD,so i’m confused why this is suddenly so.

OK, that’s weird. Maybe do a rescan to force it.

I hardly dare say it out loud. . . . .but. . . . .
the processed button are active *cough
processed button “off” solve the problem quickly !!

Sorry and thank you for your efforts :grin:


Ideally, you should be using a separate drive from your OS (C drive)to run samples like BFD. Like-wise, recording to your System drive is not advised. Maybe just something to consider down the line when you can afford to get another drive, or two.

I know this isn’t related to your post, but just thought it was something worth mentioning.