Expansions wishlist

Hey guys! I’ve seen some expansions are really cheap at sweetwater:

I would like your thoughts about Crush, Black Álbum and London Sessions.

Happy new year!!

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All 3 are fantastic!

Great! Will give them a try then!

Thank you

I use the Black and London Sessions more than I have used Crush, I love all 3. Cool thing about BFD3 is you can virtually tweak any kit to what ever you want it to sound like, by far the best I have ever used.

The thing with crush is that i love Meinl Cymbals and i think snares are great as well.

I wish they offer more crash cymbals and a bigger China but i really like them, specially the ride

Crush is a really powerful kit, I love it. I love Meinl cymbals too, in the 80’s I had some really cool Meinl cymbals. I might be mistaken but I think Crush is the only BFD pack with Meinl on offer.

Yes, it’s the only one.

I agree I love crush, they are superb for hugh padgham or in the air tonight type open and heavy compressed live sounds.

I’ve read crush the same problem i actually have with oblivion. I find that the cymbals sound really low.
I love oblivion’s cymbals but i find no character in them.
I dont know How to mix and make tweaks so i cannot use them the way i want to.

Just turn up the Trim input for each of the cymbal channels. That will increase the volume going into the ambient mics as well, so the balance between direct and ambient will stay the same. If you still need more into the ambient mics, there is a separate trim knob for that where the amb sends are.

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