Expansions pages should really be improved

It’s sales season, I’d like to get myself a couple of expansion but oh boy is it inconsistent !

Some are decent Dark Farm : it lacks the raw samples but at least we have a nice promo video and full listing of the instruments

some are just bad Modern Retro I just have no idea what I would be buying there…

Also there’s no sample size anywhere which is bad both to evaluate the content and to make sure we have extra space.

I don’t expect you to reshoot promo videos and stuffs but every kit should have the same:

  • raw samples (ideally with the same few grooves)
  • size (on disc and uncompressed)
  • instrument listing

I’m sorry guys but I’m certain it’s holding people back from buying stuffs (it’s certainly holding me)

One thing to consider about the expansion inconsistencies, is that they have been created over time and for use with either BFD2/3, which do have differences, especially with the mapping. To add to that, some of these expansions were initially done by other companies like Chocolate Audio (Modern Retro) and Platinum Samples, not the BFD team.

There are FAQ for every BFD expansion that has detailed information about it. I suggest bookmarking the main FAQ page, so you can find what you’re looking for in the future. Modern Retro is 12GB. I have it and it’s a great expansion.

On the Chocolate Audio website for Modern Retro, there is even more detailed information and videos. It was first made for use in Kontakt. It was ported over to BFD later on.

I know some expansions are old (it shows on the promotion material) but it’s not really a good argument… As I said, I don’t expect the same HD promo video for 10+years old expansions as the recent ones. I just expect to find the same basic descriptive data

Same for the FAQ… there’s not even a link within the expansion page. If you sell something, you don’t want customers to have to fish around for informations, it’s just bad marketing practices.

It would take a day to just copy paste the informations on the expansion page and would definitely boost the conversion rate.

So yeah my message wasn’t about workarounds but just encouraging BFD to upgrade their page (for their own benefit)

Agreed, that they should link to the FAQ on the product page, or just include the more relevant info there. They definitely need someone more capable on the marketing front that can try and tidy up all these little details.

Sorry I forgot to thank you for the faq link, I’ve found a few comprehensive demo on youtube that did the trick but that list is very helpful

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