Expansions and hard drive space

Hey Guys!

So, yesterday i bought 2 of the expansions that i like the most: Dark Farm and Oblivion. Didnt have time to play with them in my electronic kit.

My problem is that i’m almost out of hard drive space.

I’ve seen that many of you have a lot of expansions, besides, other drum libraries from other companies.

How can you install all the expansions without running out of hard drive?

I have modern retro, Dark farm and Oblivion. Also ezdrummer and i uninstalled all the ggd libraries i had (not my cup of tea).

I have a ssd with 512 GB.

When setting up a DAW or using Programs/Software/Vsti with large libraries it is recommended to use separate or External Hard Drives.
This works well especially if you use multiple machines or If you ever have an issue with your main machine or primary drive you won’t have to reinstall them…this saves a lot of hassle/time later on…

BFD | How Do I Install My BFD 3 Content and Expansions?

Creating a Master Audio Folder
“The next step in preparing to install our BFD3 content is to make a Master Audio Content Folder.
Due to the large size of the BFD Sample Content, we recommend this be on an external SSD.”

Hey Chaser.

Actually i just use it to live playing.

Im considering of buying a bigger 2TB hard drive.

I was looking forward to, some day, getting more expansions but today that would be quite impossible.

Since i started using BFD i really regret buying some vsts that let me down.

I use a 1GB NVMe SSD for my sample libraries. It’s about 2/3 full now with all my BFD expansions and other VSTi sample libraries like IK Multimedia, Arturia, Spitfire, NI, etc. Probably gonna have to get a 2GB drive at some point. This stuff stuff fills up quick.

The only way to lighten the BFD footprint, is to install using a less detailed installation, but I advise against that if at all possible.

SSD storage has really come down in price. You can find good quality 1GB drives for around $50.

Will do that for sure.

So, let me see if i get this right:

Should i delete the installer after the install?

Yeah, the installers will have the payload (audio) inside the package. I think it’s less GB’s than the actual installed expansion, but they will add up for sure. I always delete them.

I think it only makes sense to save them when you have a spare drive for installers and whatnot, aside from your main installed samples drive, or if you just have a stupid amount of storage on that main drive, where it doesn’t really matter.

And to rearenge the folders should i have to download and install everything again?

I Can tell the expansions are in different folders: Bfd, bfd2, bfd eco.

The download folder is almost 90GB!! Do i just delete everything?

As long as the installed content isn’t in the downloads folder. Is your downloads folder location set on the root of your samples drive where everything is also installed? Maybe post a screenshot of your contents location panel in BFD3.

No defo not. Keep it on another drive but keep it!

No. My Downloads are set to a different folder.
I can see toontrack’ sand other stuff in that folder.

I currently have a 2 Tb drive for my project files and saved downloads, etc and a 3 Tb drive for my sample libraries which is full. I have an 8Tb drive arriving Thursday which I will clone the 3Tb drive to then wipe that one for a total of 13Tb of storage. Just the Native Instruments folder on the 3Tb is 1.42Tb. It’s a never ending battle.
I use an NVMe drive for my OS (2Tb) but the other drives are all SATA disk drives. Yes loading takes a little bit longer, but I couldn’t afford that much storage in NVMe format. And for another thing, my MOBO only has two NVMe slots.
Newegg has some good Seagate SATAs on sale right now so if that works for you, check them out.

I had a lot of kontakt drums libraries that, after buying BFD, never used again.

Another issue i’m having (sometimes) it’s a bug using dark farm. When i load a kit and i’m playing drums i hit a cymbal or a tom and i get a noise like when your computer screen freeze and there’s this annoying noise that hurt your ears.

That problem happens once in a while. I believe it’s because i had a Windows update that was using a lot a memory.

Dark farm it’s amazing but it’s quite heavy.