Expansion Installers - Suggestion

One thing I’ve been thinking about the other day.

When we install an expansion, there’s this step that requires that we select the installation type, mainly to either tick “BFD 3 ONLY” or not.

Now here’s the thing. Since we’re going through this transition phase where BFD 3 is being kind of disconnected from its precursor, people might think that it’s a good idea to tick this.

But, and here’s what needs some tweaking, when one selects BFD 3 ONLY, the presets that are in bfd 2 form will not be installed. One has to go manually copy them from the payload and paste them to the proper BFD 3 preset path for the presets to show up and be made visible to BFD 3.

Of course, if one doesn’t click the BFD ONLY option, and also makes use of the “Use BFD 2 Paths” when scanning for new content, everything will be fine and presets will show up as expected. I don’t know if this is well-documented in the installation instructions, but it’s a needless tidbit of knowledge for the average user, so in my humble opinion it would be a good idea to include those presets for the BFD 3 ONLY installation option too, even if it’s deemed reduntant from an installer size perspective.


So this has probably been my problem all a long and I never knew. I never understood why I had to jump through hoops to get presets from older expansions to install and display correctly in the browser. Thanks gg.


same here, thanks for that excellent bit of info @ggmanestraki, awesome.

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when copy them to the location where all my other presets are, they still don’t get recognised, and looking at all the packs I have installed there’s a ton of the bfd2 presets that never got installed because I selected BFD3 only, they can’t be imported/selected using the import function either.

I don’t know about that. I’d have to uninstall/reinstall some packs to keep accurate notes on this, I was going by my most recent experience. I think that when an expansion came out might also play a role.

Not 100% sure, but I think you can at least import a .bfd2 preset and save it as a .bfd3, but it will become a user preset in the browser. However, you can create a new library folder in presets browser, say London Sessions for example. Then right-click and move those newly saved .bfd3 presets under users and choose the library you want them to display under.

I can usually get it to work, but the app will crash on me when trying to change libraries. I feel like standalone is more buggy than my AAX version.

I have cleaned up numerous systems for Studio friends which over the years…32bit to 64bit and different install locations,Doubles,Triples (or worse) User Folders with custom kits/presets or Youtube Presets scattered everywhere etc etc there gets to be quite the mess.
The main BFD Audio/Expansions should be on a separate drive. as BFD will add the drive to the content list and if you have backups in another folder , but on the same drive you will get doubles etc and have to delete the path that BFD added.

If I remember correctly the trick I used…
Under Program Data > BFD Drums >…there is also BFD2 Folder…
It has the same Folder Hierarchy as the BFD3 Folder
Copy the Individual Folders* from BFD2 > System > Presets (Leave the BFD2 Folder as a Backup) into the BFD3 Folder…Rescan System Content Paths.
The BFD2 Folder is not included in the Rescan System Content Paths…

Example: BFD Eldorado.
(BFD1 Preset…in BFD2 format…in BFD3 Folder)

I believe the only time there were any other issues were if there were Expansion/installations prior to 3.4 and using the 3.4 engine… the Presets wouldn’t scan.
If you don’t choose BFD3 Only…I think BFD2 Presets are installed in the 32bit Program location…Program (x86) > BFD Drums > BFD2…

*Presuming using Folders to be common knowledge…if not…Place Presets/Kits in Folders.
I typically name the folder exactly as the Expansions name.
BFD will read sub Folders and there is no need for the “All in the Pool” Kits/Presets Folders…
After everything is Re-organized…Rescan System Content Paths.




Excellent, thanks for that info. I can see most BDD2 presets but some just refuse to be visible lol. I think I am going to organise into folders as you have shown :slight_smile: