Expansion advise (recommendations)

I’m considering adding a few expansion packs and would like to ask the group for a few recommendations. If I were to leave genre specific music out of the equation, I’m thinking at what point do some of these libraries overlap in similar sound and it’s overkill.

Considering: Maple Custom Absolute, Oak Custom, Metal Snares, Wooden Snares, Modern Drummer Snare Selects, Sabian Digital Vault.

Current Library: BFD3 Core, Eldorado, London Series, Oblivion

I’ve used Andy Johns and Joe Barresi Evil Drums before and will be adding those on my system now that their serial number system is updated to inMusic.

How many snare packs 1,2 or 3 etc. ?

P.S. If it’s impossible to make a suggestion without genre then here it is - (Jazz, Smooth Jazz, R&B, Pop)

Thanks for your recommendations

A user in another thread said that Modern Retro was a solid buy. Indeed for the money it seems like it is. You get two distinct kits with different beaters and stick types and you get a bunch of cymbals from a few manufacturers. Seems like a very versatile expansion as well. I don’t own it (yet), but after their suggestion, listening to samples and watching the Chocolate Audio videos on it, I’m leaning towards picking it up myself.

Other than that and based on what you have and the expansions you were interested in, I’d say Sabian Digital Vault would be a solid addition for you as well.

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Thanks @Fender_Bender

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I’m just in the middle of installing Modern Retro and Imperial expansions.

Both look extremely good and reasonably versatile packs.


Thanks @Murt, I installed Imperial Drums yesterday but haven’t had an opportunity to listen within a song context.

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Hi EWJ in LA

I’ve only listened the samples/drums in isolation and not yet in song form.

I swore I wouldn’t purchase any bfd software until all the migration and bug stuff was sorted.

But - I’m not sure now how many expansion packs I’ve purchased (4/5/6).

I could never fault any of the bfd stuff I’d heard in the past (for me - fantastic - all of it).

If I had the money, with present offers (plugin Boutique etc.) I’d get the lot.

Before migration I was leaning towards Superior Drummer as I have a lot of their expansion packs (and I like them all). But being a long time bfd user I’ve always preferred bfd.

I don’t think anyone can go wrong with any of the bfd packs, irrespective of style, playing or programming.

I’m now actually looking forward to bfd4 when all the bugs are ironed out - and I hope they do that before releasing it on us unsuspecting users.


As others have said, most BFD expansions are usually good. Some of the very specific ones are maybe not as necessary (Orchestral, Marching, Decatoms, Kabuki etc.), but the other stuff is solid. Modern Retro was suggested to me in another thread so I may go for that. However, the Wooden Snares and Metal Snares are good.

As you specifically mention Jazz, maybe Jazz Noir (I got this free, it’s good), Jazz and Funk, Virtually Erskine, Jazz Maple. Also worth considering Sleishman Drums and Snares for tighter (pop?) sounds. I don’t listen to modern pop so maybe take that suggestion with a pinch of salt.

Thanks for the replies everyone I’ll check out your suggestions. I think with the current sales at Plugin Boutique it’s a good time for me to add a few more expansions.

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