Evil Drums can't activated

Hi, I just got the “Evil Drums” expansion and can’t activate it. I try did it on FXpansion License Manager, still not working. I just registered for the forum so I’m a new member here. After going through a lot of topics, a lot of people said I need to send a message to @BFD_Drew for assistance but since I’m a new member I can’t text you directly so I need to tag you here. Any help from you or anyone will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

You’ll need to post a few times before you can contact him. In the mean time some questions.

What computer do you have? Mac or PC? Which OS?

Have you migrated from fxpansion to BFD Drums? Have you tried the new licence manager?

Thank you for your reply. I’ll read and post some more soon.

Now I’m using MacBook Pro 15” retina, Catalina. In fact, I just bought BFD3 just a few days ago after lengthy research.

Since I used three computers, different models, all Mac, I found out BFD is the best choice for my workflow at this time, so I decided to get one. That means I didn’t migrate from FXpansion.

And yes, I tried the new license manager already, and it failed. I can’t find any solutions to fix so, here I am. Silly me, right? Haha.

I’m PC so you’ll hopefully get some Mac guys in here to help. I was a bit confused because you said you used the fxpansion licence manager, hence why I assumed you migrated from fxpansion.

Almost certainly you’ll just need Drew to generate a new serial key and hopefully that will work.

You could also send your details with your BFD3 and Evil Drums serials to support@bfddrums.com as well as tagging @BFD_Drew