Everything deauthorized

I’m sure nobody cares but ALL my licences deauthorised today - zero changes to the system and approx 78 days left on the old authorisation.

fortunately the all reauthorised ok in the licence manager without logging in…

it’s all so badly broken


Welcome to the world of BFD/inMusic.

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This InMusic piracy protection method is the WORST ever! I would take iLok any day ahead of this mess.

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Opened BFD3 Standalone this morning because I have some time to do some programming for a new song. Everything I paid for years ago deauthorized. I’ve spent an hour so far trying to get it authorized but without result. This really gives me the shits. From what I’ve read from two year old posts, I just have to keep trying and it will randomly fix itself sometime in the future. Hopefully I have time to work when it decides to work.

Try logging out of the LM, restarting your computer and then log back in and authorize. I do feel your pain… it’s happened to me in the past and it’s not fun. Luckily it hasn’t been an issue recently, but there always seems to be something bugging out. I still love it though… when it works.

Thanks for replying. I’ve logged out and restarted my computer and re-opened licencing manager. BFD still doesn’t work. I love it when it works as well, but too often I go to use it and something stuffs up. I’ve created a support ticket but I’m downloading an EZY Drummer 3 trial at the moment. I’m going to try it out and see if its any good. If it is I’ll swap over to Superior Drummer 3. I haven’t heard anything bad about it yet.

I tried a demo of EZ Drummer 2 and it was pretty bad sound-wise and very processed. For someone not into programming and tweaking things, it’s fine, though I would rather use something like SSD 5.5 if I wanted an easy-to-use drum sampler.

You can try the free version of Steven Slate drums. It comes with one or two kits. You can compare with EZD. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

Thanks for the tip. Today everything is back to authorised so i’m good for now but I will check out SSD and GetGood Drums as well.

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just happened again here

It can’t be co-incidence that this happens on the anniversary of my first report.

I suspect the change from BST to GMT in the UK breaks the license system. They have only had 2 years to sort this out

sigh (yet again)