Error message:You have multiple versions of BFD installed

OK Here’s this message I’m getting, you have multiple version of BFD installed
C:\programs files BFD drums\BFD3\bfd3.dll This can make your system unstable.
There is another version here… then it points to the same path except on my external hard drive. G which btw is where it was put. and has been along with every other vst I own.

This DLL for this product has been in the same place for 20 years. .All my vsts are in the same place for 20 years. WHY is this coming up. I didn’t install anything new with BFD3. The last new version was installed a month or more ago. This is so frustrating. Of course I deleted the DLL in the “new” place, but the app won’t work, so I restored it and I’m getting this message now. What’s goin’ on? I haven’t done anything new to make this suddenly happen. And why do these software companies insist on putting files all over my computer. FFS stop changing things for no good reason. On install it asks you where you want it. And, I put it where I want it. Ughh !!

So, I’ve found out something new. Here’s the reason this happened. I re-attached a hard drive that was put away for a few months during a renovation. It is a back up drive. I did NOT know that BFD would look at other places for the .dll file and it found a “wrong” or “older” dll on my back up drive that was not connected until now, and this caused the problem. I deleted that dll an replaced it with the proper one and it seems to be O.K BFD went looking elsewhere after this hard drive was brought back into the picture. Content folders were all the same even though there’s duplication on that drive, but this was NOT an issue. I never allowed the BFD software to point to those folders.