Error: Could not resolve Demo Web API interfaces

Whether stand alone, or as a plugin in FL Studio or Reaper, I get this message continually. I tried running license manager, but still get the error. I run Windows 11 64bit. BFD3 is v3.3.1 build 33 64 bit. I tried the support site, but both links (ROLI and FXpansion ) came up Page not Found!

Why are you using v3.3.1?

You should try downloading the last public build which was v3.4.4.31 and make sure you have the latest licence manager which is v3.0.6.22 and can be got here.


Because (see attached screenshot) Fxpansion says 3.3.1 is the latest version and is the latest version of License Manager. I know FXpansion was bought up, but has the download site changed somehow without me seeing it?

OK, I found the Inmusic bit and am registered. I downloaded and ran the new license manager, but when I go to downloads at InMusic there is no available download for a new version of BFD

Wow, talk about unintuitive. I eventually found the download in License Manager. What a performance - but all seems ok now

Ah, so you’ve started the migration process.

I hope it’s been improved as it caused quite a few headaches for a lot of people and they had to do it manually. Basically, (if you haven’t already discovered’) all your folders with presets and everything that was in your default FXpansion folder, needs to be moved to the new BFD Drums folder so don’t delete that FXpansion folder until you’re sure everything is as it was.

If you open the licence manager and you’re logged in, check the tab that says registered products, you should see BFD3 listed and available to download.

Tell me if it’s there.


Rather embarrassingly, I had already migrated, but it was so long ago, I didn’t remember until I saw InMusic mentioned! I wish they would take away the FXpansion page, it just confused me further. Anyway, all seems well and all my licenses and downloads are there! Thanks for the help

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