Duplicating drum slots with all mixer, model, and tech?

Basically what I’m trying to do here is keep my snare choke group while sometimes disabling the choke group to stack snare articulations. That’s what I want the duplicated snare for… There are an awful lot of things to edit it if won’t duplicate everything!

Or is there another wat to accomplish articulation stacking if BFD3 won’t duplicate all the settings of a drum slot?

Thanks for your help BFD wizards!

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Maybe saving a Channel preset?

One way to think about it could be to consider how a snare gets played in the real world (in most cases, I mean of course).

For example: it’s not usual to play a sidestick part AND hit the skin with the tip at the same time, because such a combination just can’t occur very easily.

But you can – and I often do – include a rim strike using the shank of the stick when making a tip hit on the head itself. Kinda spices that tip hit up a bit of extra “thwack,” if you know what I mean (and I quietly bow to Bill Bruford every. time. I do it… :wink: )

So considering it that way, rather than duplicating slots for special exclusion-groups, you could include within the choke group only those articulations that either most-usually wouldn’t, or kind of just can’t, be heard at the same time.

Then leave the other articulations free to combine or not, as you want, when you want. But you’ll never accidentally create a sound that usually just wouldn’t occur.