Duplicate Version

I was having some trouble with loading presets and thought it was because it automatically loads to My Documents (I use MS OneDrive, so automatically syncs with that cloud…which is not optimal). So in trying to move some files I created a mess which I tried to resolve with a reinstall. Now that has created duplicate versions of presets/kits. I received a warning about a duplicate .dll file, but now can’t find it. Could you point me in the right direction to address that .dll. I’m hoping that will resolve the problem. Thx! George

So now I’ve found the warning and it’s because I have a BFD3.dll in the BFD3 File in Programs…but also have a BFD3.dll in my Cakewalk program - where I use BFD as as VST. The warning advises copying the BFD.dll from the BFD folder. Does that mean deleting it. Copying it would still mean I have a version in both files. Any advice would be appreciated. Thx, George

So - a couple hours later - I think I have some of it figured (except for the duplicates of preset and kits) The question now is: how can I save Presets and Kits so that it DOESN’T default to my Documents folder? That is automatically synced to OneDrive and to avoid confusion, I’d just like to have it default to another drive. Any thoughts? Thx, George

Not sure about windows, on Mac I deleted all presets from my documents folder and put them all in the application support folder for BFD3, it took away the duplicates. Alternatively you can right click the presets you don’t want to see (in bfd3’s browser) and select hide from browser, not ideal if you have tons of expansions.

You can select where you’d like the presets/content to be scanned from when running the content scanner.

Thanks. I think you’re right and just have to play around with folder locations to get it right. Like everything else now with this program it’s trial and error.