Duplicate Presets for London content

Im getting duplicate entries in the presets for London Content here. There were ZERO London NOR BFD anything on my system here when I did a fresh install of BFD 3.4.

  1. The browser dint find the presets when scanning the location of the BFD3 Preset for the London Content.

  2. I had to manually scan that location.

  3. It then gave me duplicate Presets

Right click on two of the same ones and click show in browser to see where they are.
Then you can decide which ones to delete, the rescan user contents.

You may still find their listed after a rescan but blank so you’ll have to right click and select hide from library or something like that.


Hey Steve, it doesn’t makes sense that it is even scanning Presets that don’t even work unless those are in that BFD2 presets folder? This thing is a mess IMO

It’ll scan all presets that are in the contents location, it doesn’t know if they’re going to work or not.

I know I had to do quite a few rescans to get my library in order, the migration process hasn’t exactly been smooth for a lot of people, myself included. I probably could have done it manually myself after realising what actually needed to be done.

The BFD Team had wanted to wait and let the beta testers iron out the bugs but they had deadlines that had to be met.


I’ve been complaining about the duplicates in the browser for some time now. Nothing from support so far. It is most annoying!

This! And then you may exclude one of them from the scan.

Scanning the paths was a bumpy ride for me too. In the end, I was scanning one folder, and if it scanned ok, I was closing down BFD, relaunching it, adding another folder, closing down, etc etc…

I think I’m set now. (knock on wood)

This now brings up THIS question. If I scan it all check the duplicates and make sure I hid the ones that DONT WORK. What is the best way to SAVE these after that so If I have to scan the locations again for any reason I don’t have to go through this manual BS again??

If you’ve deleted all the duplicates and hidden them in the browser they shouldn’t reappear when you another scan.


I’ve got triplicates, I win.

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