Drum Editor question

Is there a setting to make the drum editor follow midi when I hit different drums on my ekit? Each drum I hit lights up the corresponding drum in the drum pane but the editor does not change. If I click on a drum it changes. Am I missing something? thanks, Dan

On the groove page just above the swing dial, are the two boxes, follow & focus both checked?
I’m not an edrummer but my guess is they should be.


There’s also a follow-MIDI button in the keymap editor. Not sure if that affects the behavior of the groove editor as well.

If you’re trying to record what you’re playing on the kit as a Groove or Track in BFD, you have to enable the MIDI Recording function.

Thanks for the quick replies guys! (unlike mine) I figured out after your responses, and a little more digging, that what I wanted to see was not possible and never was. I realized that later. Aging brain…