Downloading latest version anxiety

I have version 3.4.4. All of a sudden having major difficulties. I’m nervous about downloading and going through the whole process. I remember what it was like the time I did it. Could you give me kindergarten level instructions to follow for this. I’m older and not as sharp as I once was?

I’m running Monterey OS on an intel Mac Mini.

You can install over an existing version with no problem, but you should download the latest LM first and then update BFD3 from there because the older LM won’t won’t work with the latest build. Should you need to revert and don’t have the previous installers, I think I have them for macOS.

Same deal though, if you revert back. You need to install the older LM as well.

I just checked and I have the latest version. Oh well. Thanks for responding. My problem is probably not BFD3 rather it might be my audio interface. And so it goes on. Waiting for Monday morning to talk with Motu tech support.

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