Download very slow

Is there anyway to do download the file without using the LM? The download very very slow and my VPN doesn’t work .

No other way that I’m aware. I’d try removing the download from the LM only (not whatever samples it already tried to download), quitting the LM and try adding the download again. I’ve experienced this before as well. It usually gets going after some time, but I’ve run into errors and had to try again a few times. Their servers just get wonky at times.

EDIT - found a version on a drive, don’t know if it’s the latest (BFD3_3-4-5-28_Update) but lo and behold it installed and so far (fingers crossed) it is working in Ventura on an M2 Mac mini, superb! I just might have to take back all the dreadful things I’ve said about BFD / InMusic lately…

I really need to find a way to download just the app - I have the libraries stored but need to install on a new Mac, however, the download page of the super buggy BFD Licence Manager is blank…and the bottom of the page shows 395GB, no way I can download that on my 3g box here in rural France, apart from anything else it’s capped at 200GB per month, and that would take a month to download anyway…!

Buy hang on a minute it looks as though it’s still not M2 compatible eh?

It should work with M2 for AU/VST afaik, but there isn’t an AAX, or VST3 Apple Silicon build yet.

All I can say is download isn’t very slow - it’s fuckin’ awful slow!


Hello! @BFD_Drew Are there any problems with the servers today? I’ve been trying to download the 2 expansions I bought all day and it starts downloading but after a minute or so the download stops (BFD Percussion and Wooden Snares)