Does the free player have to be authorized every 90 days?

I’m just creating some recording/writing templates in Cubase and realized that in using BFD3 as the main drum VSTi, I could be locked out of using it unless I’m connected to the internet. Recently, for instance, I had to reauthorize on both my Mac and PC because I had dared to stray to another drum software for another project and had therefore not used BFD3 in a while. [It didn’t feel like enough time had passed to require that reauth, in fact.]

So I’m thinking: maybe if I download the free player with it’s 5GB of drum sounds, I won’t have to worry about using it in a template. Of course it won’t be the same experience, but if it’s more reliable — as in I actually own it and don’t have to keep proving that I own it — then maybe that’s a better option for quick fire mockups and arrangements.

So, am I assuming correctly or does it also call home and shut off unless I reauthorize this freebie?

It doesn’t use the BFD3 LM and is free, so I don’t think Player needs reauthorization proof like all the other products do.

I messed around with it when it dropped, but I can’t do much with only 8 mono outputs in Pro Tools (known bug). Has the Player even had an update yet?

The reason I asked is because “free” on the internet often means “give me your email address and let me spam you for the next 2 yrs until you find the barely visible unsubscribe link.” :slight_smile:

I had to ask because I just read that UA native plugins would require me to constantly be online to use them; lots of sneakiness out there. And clearly, a lack of trust, otherwise I wouldn’t have to reauthorize BFD3 every 90 days.

P.S. I’m just downloading it now. I bought BFD2 in 2008, so I’m still loyal to the underlying quality and vibe of this drum app., which makes me think I can use this freebie for sketching out new ideas with few hassles in Studio One or Cubase.

I rarely get any promotional emails from inMusic, or BFD Drums, so I’m not too worried there.

I’ve heard users aren’t too happy with the direction of UAD atm. It took them too long to go native. I already got what I needed from other manufacturers.

The BFD Player only comes with one free “kit”, so you would be limited to that for sketching, as we can’t use BFD3 expansions with it yet. You could purchase more Player expansions. I suppose the core library presets do give you the sense of having more than one kit with the different processing.

When I start up the free player, it nags me if I want to buy extensions. :slight_smile:

It sounds okay though for quick sketches if all I need is a basic set.

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