Does BFD Player support loading BFD libraries?

I downloaded BFD 3 player and really liked it.
I thought it’s a good idea to “upgrade” it to BFD 3

But after buying BFD 3, I feel the player version much more usable.
In deed the player missing lots of configurations that available on BFD3, but still, the overall experience in BFD player is much better in my experience.

So, I just thought maybe it’s possible to use the BFD3 kits/samples in BFD player…
I tried to “load” the BFD3 library as BFD 3 player ,without luck.

What do you think ?


There is supposedly future integration in the works between the Player and older expansions, but not yet.

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Not yet, but this is something that is highly desirable.


Highly desirable is a lot of an understatement for me. Can’t happen soon enough.

Then BFD 4 (with VST 3). We all live in hope?

Hello, dear users
It’s frustrating to have invested money in BFD3 a few years ago and today not be able to work in Pro Tools because they haven’t done a simple update. All the other virtual instruments are already native AAX in Pro Tools, except BFD3. Which I praised so much for its sound quality. Today I’m forced to open Pro Tools with Rosseta 2, which means I can’t use the performance of the Apple Silicon M1 processor, and I’m facing performance problems because I have sessions with several virtual instruments, and with Rosseta, they all get heavy, consuming processing. They’ve made this native AAX BFD Player, with ridiculous sound and no ability to add BFD3 libraries! Since they were able to make the BFD Player AAX Apple Silicon, why didn’t they release a simple update for the BFD Player AAX Native Apple Silicon? And that 90-day authorization… revolting!!! Just use Ilok! If you can’t do it, imitate those who can! SHAME!

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