Does BFD have a Future?

I just want to know if anybody knows anything about BFD’s future. I just started using the software and absolutely love it. I’ve bought a few expansions and want to start purchasing more… but my gut is telling me that the future is very uncertain and I’m going to piss my money away. Anyone out there have an in on as far as this software being further developed?

I think i have the T-shirt with ‘pissed my money away’ on it.

People will be super positive on here. Good for them, my experience has been terrible and I wish I’d never bought any of it.

Even the owner on here has said no new BfD until 2024, so add what amount of time onto that you feel.

InMusic are a terrible company to have to deal with. Their product range consists of once great names reduced to being a brand for cheap crap.

Personally I would steer clear. If you want to carry on, then just hang fire and see if there’s any future development. Don’t hold your breath.


Even if BFD3 was the end of the line you would still have the best sounding drum vst on the market for a good few years to come, but it’s not the end of the line.

I can’t say how far away BFD4 is but my best guess would be some time in 2025 although possibly late 2024.

So for now, I’d suggest getting to know BFD3 and having access to the best sounding virtual drums there are. As long as your okay with the 90 day licence refresh and other quirks of course.



Some people will tell you no, as you have seen, some will tell you yes (way more than no) I hardly think BFD would be developing new products if there was no future.

Why are you still here then?

@Rav Enjoy BFD :slight_smile:

As I spent quite some money on this I am (sadly) still an owner, so I think my opinions are a valid experience for others to know about before venturing down the BFD route


Aside from the new LM structure, what else do you have against BFD3?

I mean, is it running properly?

As a beta tester I can assure you there will be a BFD4, though I suspect the 90 day refresh might be here to stay, the best we can hope for is that it might be extended to every 6 months.


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I refuse to get involved in subscription services, so no BFD isn’t running properly as i dont want it on my system anymore due to the LM change. To be honest, the more i know about inMusic the less i want anything to do with any of their products.


To be honest, the 90-day requirement isn’t too bad for “permanent / studio” machines, AS LONG AS IT’S WORKING AS ADVERTISED. Remember what was going on here until the LM was tuned and auths could finally get their act together and refresh at the same time, instead of complaining one after another, just 2 or 3 days apart?

But for laptops, or any other BFD-worthy machine that is mainly purposed for gigging, many times locked in a specific state and left without updates and access to the internet, I think it sucks balls. I don’t know what the guys are planning, but personally I’d think twice and thrice about BFD Player’s authorization scheme.


Surely a laptop used for gigging will have plenty of opportunities to log in over a 3 month period?

I mean, most hotels have WiFi these days.


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Surely it will have plenty opportunities to connect. But. We people are lazy fucks steve, and that’s a point that design needs to take into account. I MEAN WHO OPENS THE GIGBAG BETWEEN GIGS. :roll_eyes: :rofl:

Joking aside, it depends. If you have made a mini PC into a portable BFD, it’s no longer a computer in your mind. It’s as if it has been transmuted into a module, or a drum brain, or a rack unit. Those don’t need maintenance. As long as their power cords are packed “somewhere in there” they should work. For people always online, with data plans or any other way, [having to go on-line for license maintenance] it’s a non-issue. For people that plan to NEVER be online, it is a show stopper. And even though it’s not a great feat to occassionally hook something online to update it, the kind of people that want to avoid that are EXACTLY those that try to avoid maintenance BECAUSE they are not tech-savvy, or just don’t enjoy this kind of “tech” maintenance.

One could argue “Fuck this kind of customer”, and I can get behind this kind of mentality, but… ummm I think there’s quite a lot of these guys around.

Thanks for all the responses. I have a few hundred USD to spend and my biggest concern is that one day I’m not going to be able to open it or my expansions up. I haven’t gone through the 90 Day thing yet but that really doesn’t bother me, if it works, fine. I’ve been using recording software since Cubase V5 (a long time ago). Been through it all over the years regarding licensing pains. I was looking at EZ Drummer 3 but it’s all eye candy and produced samples (no soul). I’m a drummer and I love what I can do with BFD3. Playing through my e-kit and laying down tracks is just amazing. The quality is, well enough of that, everyone here knows how good it is. Please keep responding, it’s very helpful.


It works. It works exactly as it used to, and there’s also new stuff slipping in with some updates (compared to the BFD 3 of old).

Yes BFD has a future. I wouldn’t be sticking around if it didn’t!


I have tons of expansions. If you can figure out the transfer fees you can have them for peanuts, rather than waste you money. I want shot of this crap. I’m sure everone here would be happy to see the back of me anyway.

We’re no longer charging transfer fees. Crack on with your bad self.


Wow, really? Where do we write to transfer licences?

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Regarding BFD going under, if that were to happen I’d keep my latest version of BFD3 or whatever on a machine with the latest version of the compatible OS so I’d have it for a long time. If they went under, BFD3 is still the best drum plugin going.


It seems to me that if BFD expires, then there’s zero likelihood that InMusic (assuming that it’s still around to torture musicians) could be relied upon to assure that you will always be able to re-authenticate, and in that case… “He’s dead, Jim.”

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C’mon guy’s, get real. I’ve been a BFD dude since the early days(producer, drummer) for a reason, and one reason only: it’s, by far, the best and most comprehensive real drum module out there. Period. But, we live in a digital age, and all software developeres is trying their best to stay ahead of piracy (regarding the 90 day registration). It’s a battle they have to take seriously…live with it. And making software, as comprehensive as this, that works flawless on every DAW, every OS platform, every computer, is near impossible. Actually, it’s just like living with people… Nobody’s perfect.


I will not start this tired debate about piracy. Piracy is ugly, and it’s as much human nature (greed) and social construct (have moar to be moar). Piracy will never go away, just as tasteless people will never go away, or those that don’t respect no-one else’s jobs and their right to be paid for their business.

I consider everyone in this forum a BFD-fanatic, and I believe we all want to see this piece of software thrive not only for what it has offered us over the years, but for what it can offer us in the future. So, with that out of the way.

Now I see an Alesis kit sporting BFD. Do I need to preach among us how good BFD is quality-wise? No. Do I need to illuminate the point that some people (from all spectrums, amateurs, kids, pros that just want a new kit to beat up, people that want to get into this home-studio-recording-thing, all kinds of musicians ) might be introduced to BFD through the BFD Player? Maybe I do. Shouldn’t they have the most carefree experience to create such a user experience as to “lure” them to the flagship BFD further down the line? Ok, maybe the big gun needs to be authorized every 90 days, big deal, desktop’s always there connected to the net. But for this BFD Player launch, it’s a HUGE opportunity to explore a completely invisible auth system that just works.

That’s all I’m saying.

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