Discontinued Expansions still available for purchase

I saw another user posted that Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend still offered BFD Deluxe and XFL expansions for digital download. I did a quick search and also found that Alto Music does as well.

My question is, at some point can we expect retailers that still have these old licenses to do sales and try and get rid of them? I’d love to swoop in and grab them for a steal for the nostalgia.


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Fender Bender.

Up to now I’ve found Plugin Boutique to be ok.

It wasn’t at first as I was given the fxpansion licence.

Since I sent them an email - all, that I have purchased have been licenced to bfd.

Some of these offers are too good to pass up.

I’d love the bfd deluxe but it’s not available through plugin boutique.

Sadly, at present, I won’t take a chance on anywhere else because of the licence issues.

And - some companies are a pain in the butt to deal with.

Plugin boutique were fantastic and it was sorted very quick.


I’m not too worried about buying older serials, as Drew has been pretty cool with getting everyone sorted with new ones through inMusic. That said, not sure I’d spend $149 on these older expansions, but if they came down to $75 I might bite.

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Fender Bender

All those available at Plugin Boutique are 50% off.


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Can’t speak for Alto Music, but I posted about GC and MF. Unfortunately, they still rely on getting a download authorization from FXpansion so the purchase won’t go through. I tried to order the Deluxe and went several rounds with several sales and support people, but was never able to make the purchase in the end. Really hope InMusic revives the Deluxe at some point soon. I’m hopeful after seeing Percussion disappear, only to pop back up recently, so fingers crossed…