Disabled because "not logged in"

Hi Gang!
The License Manager is running and active, and all software is showing as “Authorized”, but no matter how many times I re-start, BFD says it is disabled because I’m not logged in.
And the BFD support website link is broken.
Really? This is getting ridiculous

Hi GregV,

Did you also log in on the InMusic website?

Thanks for the reply deangersmith! Yes, it looks like I’m logged in. The link took me to the site and the home page says “Hi Greg”.

Log out of LM. Close LM. Open LM and sign back in.

Thanks All! Not sure what the magic was but now it’s working.
I appreciate the responses!

I suspect inMusic’s crappy servers are partly to blame for these type issues. It’s happened to me before and the next day everything was fine. Just another reason on top of all the others, that this authorization system needs to go, now. Above all else, this is probably the main reason newcomers are apprehensive to jump on board.

Right now, there is a crazy good deal on BFD3 for $50, full version. I see a lot people are interested, but holding back either because of the stories around they’ve heard about the DRM, or users in the actual sales thread making people aware of it. There is a simple way to put this all behind inMusic and reap the rewards with an increased user base and yet they refuse to re-assess their strategy and see the potential they’re leaving on the table. A machine ID authorization file, as it used to be for a decade, would solve the problem.

Whatever… their loss at the end of the day.