Direct mic bleed routing

In BFD3 the manual under Tech page it states,

The Drum’s bleed is routed to its primary direct mic channel. Therefore, there would be no bleed from the Drum in the Kick and Snare mic channels.

I’m confused. Does this mean that the bleed is sent back to the same kit piece?

Also, are the Tech and Model page settings only saved with a BFD3 Preset and not Kit saves? Saved Kits are only recalling the kit pieces?

Odd, I was thinking about this the other day. If they route, say, snare bleed to the OH’s, how does that work when building kits out of drums from different kits? This (bleed through the direct mic) is the only way that makes sense, but it’s not really bleed, is it? For one thing, it’s mono…


Say you load a snare… and you turn the bleed to ‘Dir’ (Direct) mode…

The bleed for the kick microphone would no longer be routed to the kick in channel, but instead gets routed to the snare top channel. Its a sound design feature, but is probably not what you want for most use cases.

And these Tech page settings are saved with Presets only and not Kits?