Did Samples Change Between Versions of Content?

It’s starting to really irritate me now, as I open BFD2 presets in BFD3.4, only to find they don’t sound the same.

There’s been a habit of not loading a Zildjian 20K crash(?) at all, causing me to have to manually load it (I assume there was a file name change??).

There’s been a habit of the panning sounding off, despite no settings anywhere appearing wrong.

Now I’m finding that the “Trash Hats” “Variable Shank” sounds different, despite showing all the same settings in the articulation/mapping pages. It’s clearly a partially open sound, not a closed sound, when I trigger it in BFD3 (while it sounds like a quiet plink closed HH hit in BFD2). This hat is different between the BFD2 & BFD3 versions. I can’t find anything different. I made sure I’m using the BFD2 keymap, but the onscreen triggering is where I first found this, not key mapping. Did the samples themselves get changed? It makes no sense though, since it should BE a closed hat, no?

EDIT: Auditioning the articulation “ClosedT” on the kit loading interfaces on BFD2 and BFD3 shows the same disparity. This is not a subtle difference. It’s louder and wider. I am only using the overhead channel in the mixer (it’s soloed). When I audition the soloed direct mic version, it seems identical between versions. What happened here? Was a sample messed up in one version? Which version is correct?

EDIT 2: DAMNIT It’s that bug again where the kit piece has the room send set to OH instead of Room!


I also had to enable “Flip LR” for the correct position, so I assume this is also a bug in BFD3.4.

In this same project I’m trying to convert to BFD3, the other components have a slight pitch difference as well, in the kick and snare when auditioned by clicking in the UI. In this case, both are from XFL, but other XFL components in the same setup don’t sound different. No pitch adjustments are present.

“Variable” is literal. So a variable hat is going to get its open to closed state by a control, typically in drum software it’s CC4. So I recommend checking for that, it’s not actually open or closed per se.

Okay, I hear that. Still, it was definitely the bug in preset reading, wrongly changing the attributes shown in my screen cap above. What sounded like an open hat to me was just the overhead version of a closed hat.