Detailed Manuals for Early BFD Expansions

I see requests for detailed info on some Expansions…
Here are the original pdf’s for early BFD (2003) and Expansions…they are detailed…
Kit pieces,articulations,mics used and positioning etc…2003-2006…
BFD is approaching it’s 20th anniversary…
just unzip…


BFD 1.5
BFD 1.5 Mixing with BFD


Nice one, Chaser. Cheers!

Nice Chaser. That’s a blast from the past. A guitar buddy of mine got me into BFD and Pro Tools back around 2006. His step-dad ran Total Access Recording studios in LA, and my friend Steve seemed to have all the cool plugins, including all the BFD stuff. Now he runs the studio.

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I had a 5,000 sq ft Studio in the OC (Real to Reel Records) in the late 80’s early 90’ about a mile from the Marquee.
It wasn’t your traditional studio.I had (4) 500 sq ft rehearsal rooms rented out by the hour. (2) 1,000 sq foot Showcase rooms , all blacked out with full stage lighting,Marshall stacks etc for effect, overhead control room and a hallway that surrounded it with 2 way glass and
Bands would come in…do live set while being video taped and 45 mins later walked out with a VHS copy ,10 jacketed cassettes,8x10 B&W Glossies…Band/headshots.
Back then it was pay to play except for top 40 bands and I would supply everything for a company called Jam Entertainment who shopped the videos around around so bands got gigs…then the economy went south…and Grunge…scene moved to Seattle…
I closed it down…mothballed all the gear…went back into Custom Harleys opened a chain of Franchises,landed on NASDAQ through the Harley craze of the 90’s-mid 2000’s then got back into Music pulled out all the gear (now vintage) built a studio in the house and here we are…2020’s…still got the hair…lol

I would love to have that studio back and today’s tech…


Great share. Unfortunately, the link no longer seems to work.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I just tested/clicked on both links…BFDmanuals and Marquee setlist…both are in working order here…(USA)

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I’m still not able get it (Spain). Also tried saving linked file. Got an html file that took me to the MediaFire link. but clicking on it gave em the same “Safari Can’t Open Page” response.

The setlist link worked fine, though :wink:

Edited, to add: Guess the problem was with Safari. D’loaded and installed Chrome, and all worked fine. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Thanks Chaser!!!

Not sure if this has been shared anywhere here before, I can’t remember where I got it but I found this on my backup drive today - BFD3_Operation_Manual.pdf

Interesting…I see at 2.3 Importing Samples into BFD3, this is not an option anymore.

You can still import samples…launch the online manual within BFD3.I have done 100’s of kits.There are some limits like only one articulation (No OH etc etc),minimal hi hat and you have to prep a folder.
The created instrument is in the old BFD2 Kit Piece/stacked wav format,but you can use the tool to compress them.

I just did a few multi-velocity kits for Christmas for a friend using an E-kit and I was also going to show the user that had a question about Tambourine jingles… how to create his own…but I got sidetracked…Holidays…


Hey Chaser thanks for that :slight_smile:

There’s still quite a few features of BFD3 that even the current online manual doesn’t cover. It’s a shame it was never updated officially, especially with so little out there on the web going over the features.


I did my initial training when BFD3 came out over at Groove3. Their videos are fairly thorough. The BFD3 course was done by Eli Krantzberg who’s good and did the Cakewalk videos too. The single topic prices are a little high, but getting a years access for $99 is a good deal since they have so much useful content.

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There’s actually two, free 30 day trials for Groove3 still floating around until the end of Dec and you can stack them to get 60 days. I should probably sign up. Never bothered to check them out and I’ve had many opportunities over the years, being a Pro Tools user.

Just browsing that BFD3 course, seems like a lot of good stuff in there. You were probably wise to take advantage of that back then.

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They have a ton of Pro Tools courses, as well as most of the popular DAWs. They do a lot of the popular plugins too: FabFilter, Arturia, SoundToys, Valhalla, NI, Plugin Alliance, iZotope, Overloud, IK, Liquidsonics, and a bunch of Waves. Plus, there are song, instruments, and music theory courses too. Plus production, mixing, mastering, recording, and hardware. They pretty much cover everything to do with music.

I just registered and redeemed my 2 codes. I’ve got access to Groove3 until March 1st, plus I still have my Pro Tools code if I want to use that in the future. Looks like I’ve got some studying to do.

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Do you have to register for the 7 day free trial in order to get access?

Yes. It’s very simple. If you’re going to bother signing up anyways, might as well take advantage of these two, 30 day trials. They expire on Dec 31. You can sign up with the first promo link.

Use code: ikmultimedia30

Then use this link, - Redeem Your Code
Use code: FOCUSRITE30

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Thanks for that, so after 30 days you have to start paying or cancel the sub?

Damn I am gonna be busy.

Those codes stack, so you’ll have 60 days in total. If you have no payment method setup (which I do not), then you don’t have to worry about canceling the service before the time is up, to avoid paying.

I saved all the BFD3 tutorials on the site in .mp4 to keep as reference material. I’ll either upload them privately to YouTube, or Dropbox, in case I come across users who need a bit of help wrapping their head around BFD3.

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