Demo Version from BFD3/4

Many users of drum programs would be happy to have a working demo of BFD,
it would be great to have a demo to showcase the excellent features of BFD3/4 !!!

cheers roland

Many users would also be happy to have a working version of BFD3 once buying the full version.

Drew posted that the BFD Player will be available to everyone with an upgrade path to BFD4.

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I think I first saw mention of BFD4 about a year ago with Drew’s request for features.
Is there any visibility whatsoever as to if BFD4 is actually going to happen, and if so, in which year it will be released?

From what I’ve seen on the forum end of 2023 sounds about right. Don’t hold yer breath. Imagine another year of BFD3 misery. Ugh.

The BFD Player is slated for early 2023 and BFD4 sometime in the next decade.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I said it wasn’t a bad shout to guesstimate end of 2023, but more likely after.

We don’t have any fixed release dates for a BFD4 yet.

I fixed it to be more realistic.


Well that made me chuckle. Kudos.

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