Deluxe - no presets?

Hi guys, does the Deluxe pack have presets? I just did a clean re-install, and it just seems to have kits, no presets. Might be one of these that didn’t come with presets, but if somebody has it, can s/he confirm this is to be expected? Thx! TQ

I just had a look and couldn’t see any.
Like you I have the kit presets but nothing else.

I just found some so I’m posting them here if I can but don’t get too excited, it only came with 4 presets. :rofl:

EDIT. Won’t let me upload rar files here so I uploaded it to my mediafire page.


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Thanks so much! Better than noting. :rofl:

It seems that the installer via the license manager doesn’t come with these - maybe something @Drew might have a look at?

Before you do load these check under the presets library tab and look for User presets.
I just found mine were listed there.

There is an excellent program for editing presets that I will link in a bit or you could search google for BFD3 metadata editor, there’s a windows and mac version.


Here you go,

I loaded the windows version to my mediafire page.


Thx! Here’s the link for the Github repository, including a Mac version.

I’d like the Deluxe expansion to start with.

Can’t get it anywhere.


I think this has been discussed before: It’s discontinued, but you still may grab a copy somewhere, as some stores still sell it. Not sure why they do not officially sell it anymore, as you can still download it from the license manager as an owner of the legacy version, but maybe license reasons?

I’m fully aware that it’s discontinued.

Just stating I’d like it and would like to have it.

I’m not a legacy owner of this expansion.


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I’m also curious why you can’t buy the Deluxe expansion pack any longer. Was it just an economics thing?

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I’m actually not even able to see the kits either. All I can see is the individual pieces.

Have you used the, ‘Add BFD2 Paths’ under the ‘set up content locations’?


I’ve tried, but I get an alert that says “No BFD2 paths found”.

For context, this is after a clean install on a new machine. I installed BFD3, the core library, then Deluxe from inMusic’s BFD license manager.

Oh you know what, I do see the kit files in /Library/Application Support/BFD Drums/BFD2/System/Kits. I’ll see if I can get those paths recognized.

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