Deleting or keeping BFD#3 content files

I have just redownloaded all of my BFD3 content and it’s filially installed properly. Two questions

1 - is there any reason to back up these files?

2- can I just delete them without fear?


If you back up your content drive, then I don’t think it’s really necessary to keep the original installers. I reorganized my original FXpansion installation around for more than a decade and moved it from Windows to Mac without doing a reinstall.

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I don’t save any sample content installers. I do save the last couple of BFD3 build and LM installers from whatever is current, just in case I need to revert.

One rare case where you may want to save expansion installers, is if you’ve installed at a lower detail quality for whatever reason and you may want to change that to full detail in the future.

Thanks Fender_Bender!

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