Delete Unwanted Kit Pieces?

Hey all, I’m using BFD3 on a MacBook Air. I have a few expansion packs installed on my local drive and an external drive but for band practice it’s just easiest to go with the local drive.

The core library, of course, is huge and I only have it installed on my external drive but I’d like to be able to access a few core kit pieces on my local drive without having the entire library there taking up harddrive space (there are just a whole lot of items I’ll never use).

I realize I’ll probably need to install the whole core library through the installer to begin with but once that’s done what’s the best way to delete things? I’ve had mixed results with trial and error in the past.

Many thanks for your help!

You don’t have to install again. Just copy whatever kits you want over to your desired location on the boot drive. Then add that new content path and rescan.

I will try, thanks!

How about deleting things I don’t want? Do I risk corrupting anything if I do that randomly from the root folder?

I don’t think so, as long as you don’t delete any of the presets, kits, etc in your user BFD3 folder.

However, this is BFD3, so just about anything is possible.