Decatoms any good?

Are the Decatoms any good? Are they close to Octobans? The examples for the Decatoms on the site are lame.

Check the Benoni Studio BFD Decatom Expansion Pack - Demo
The Decatom Expansion is 10 ddrum Deccabons
Sizes 6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20-22-24…
Styles/Tunings - Cantonese,Caprice,Dance and Verb…


Thanks Chaser, I’ll give them a go

I got the Decatoms years ago. Like you I thought they would be like Octobers, but sadly they’re not. They are indeed lame. Even with a ton of processing I can’t get them to sound decent.

There is a set of Octobans in the Superior 3 “Berlin” pack (pricey) and a much cheaper but just as good set in NI’s 80s Drummer, which is included in the last few versions of Komplete. Both also include Roto-toms too.

I had never dug that far into the NI drums in Komplete really. Just took a look and the Octobans do sound good, although the lowest three have a pretty noticeable metallic resonance from the stands or something. You can tell they were recorded in a hurry, because if they were taking their time at all, somebody would have gotten out the gaffer tape and taped the stands. I wouldn’t use the bottom three, which lessens the sets utility. The Octobans seem to only be available in the Chrome kit. I didn’t see the Rototoms in either the Black or the Chrome kit. Those would be cool to have. Where am I missing them?

Update: Found the rototoms. They’re in the 70’s Tight Kit.

My mistake - the Rototoms are in the 70s kit.

I’ve never really used any of the NI kits either, but actually some of them are better than I remembered. Not as good as BFD though, quite processed so easy for a quick fix, but I prefer separating the kit out & treating them myself in the traditional way.
I found out about the NI octobans via a thread somewhere when searching for them.

The BFD Decatoms are just too flabby & don’t have that tight snappy, punchy sound of Octobans.

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A little searching around on some drum forums, and it looks like that’s the actual drums and not any of BFD’s doing. There seems to be a strong consensus that the original Tama’s are the preferred drum over the Decabons and also Roto Toms.

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