Dark Mahogany Kit - Right Crash issue

Hi. When using the dark mahogany kit I can’t use the right crash cymbal. When clicking on it in the GUI it works but when using midi it isn’t triggered by any midi note - neither when using the default keymap nor with any other keymap. Am I missing something or is this a bug? (I’m using Logic).

Hey @Bene

With the default BFD Player keymap, in Logic with no transposition on the track, I’m seeing that crash is triggered by these notes on the piano roll: C#2, F5, G5, with its choke on A#5.

Can you try those notes please and let me know?


hey @cmoore,

thanks for the quick reply. There is no transposition on the track and I went up and down the whole piano roll, the right crash is not getting triggered (no sound on the default notes).


Ok, the default setup works. Guess I selected the default keymap and then loaded my own preset, which changed the keymap again (to “Toontracks EZ Drummer 3” or “superior drummer 2” it just says “imported from preset” ) I didn’t know that the keymap is saved within the preset.
Still, when using the Toontrack keymaps the right crash isn’t triggered by any note (and I think some hi-hat articulations aren’t).

Ahhhh, good to know! That means our Toontrack map is incorrect or incomplete. I’ll take a look at this soon and try and get a fix in for the 1.2 Player update we are currently working on.