Dark farm - PC memory

Hey everyone!

Im having a problem with Dark Farm: sometimes when i load the presets and kits i get some kind of weird noises while im playing in my kit.

I guess it’s because it’s using a lot of the ram memory (95%).

Is it any way to fix that?

It doesnt happen always but it’s quite annoying.

If your RAM usage is sowing as 95% you have two options.

  1. Upgrade your RAM.

  2. Go to the preference page, at the bottom, under ‘Profile’ try setting it to standard or economy.
    This will load fever velocity layers and use less RAM.


Check and Adjust settings for the Engine…as Steve63 posted you don’t need to load all in RAM…
Using with e-Drums… if you want all velocities…articulations etc etc you are going to have to experiment with the settings to find what combination works best with your computer resources.

Can BFD3 be set to lower detail settings to save memory even if I installed the full detail version of the library?

Yes - BFD3’s engine preferences let you reduce the maximum number of velocity layers or run in 16-bit mode which halves the amount of RAM used by BFD3. It is also possible to adjust the sizes of buffers used by the streaming routines which can also substantially reduce RAM use.

BFD3 also allows you to save/load profiles of these engine settings, making it quick and easy to alter BFD3’s settings for different working environments such as a less powerful laptop for working while traveling.

More info
Online Manual > BFD3 Preferences > Engine Preferences

Tools > Show Preferences > Engine

Is there any recomended buffer size?

I’ve got s 16gb ram PC. I believe i did this when i used ezdrummer.

Unless you have, Load all to RAM selected, I don’t think BFD should be using up all your memory. 16GB wouldn’t be enough RAM to do that anyways with most of the expansions.

I think the artifacts you are hearing might be related to a disk streaming issue. I’ve sometimes had that problem with a few expansions. Having the on-board FX turned on may exacerbate it.

The default disk streaming and buffer settings should work fine for most modern PC’s. Bear in mind that this software is over 10 years old and based on machines of that era, where maybe some consumer PC’s might benefit from adjusting the buffer and disk streaming settings.

What type of disk and interface do you use for your expansions?

Hey fender!

I’ve a Kingston SSD.

NVMe, or SATA III? Those shouldn’t have any streaming issues. Maybe an SSD over SATA II could present a bottleneck, but still not that likely. I’ve used 7200rpm HDD over SATA II and didn’t have too many issues with artifacts.

Try lowering the RAM Buffer to 8192, or 4096 if you have a newer PC/Mac and see if that helps.

If on Mac, make sure BFD3 is checked for Full Disk Access and Accessibility in Privacy and Security.

The problem is with Dark Farm, specially with the two Q drums kit.ms.

No problem with Oblivion and Modern Retro so far.

Dark farm is a beast and I think the most resource hungry of all the kits.
The kits take noticeably longer to load but as @Fender_Bender said, 16GB should be enough.


It’s a beats indeed. The best i’ve seen of all i’ve tried.

Actually it’s the only one i use. Sounds amazing and the Q drums kits are second to none.

If i lower the buffer size what would i be loosing? What the difference compared to the standard buffer size would be?

Sorry to make so many questions. BFD3 it’s hard to learn.

Also, i’ve got so many more questions :slight_smile:

When i bought BFD3 i installed it like any other drum software. I didnt install it like the company suggests.

Maybe that’s the problem? I didnt create a folder for audio content.

I tried lowering the buffer to ram, economy and medium detail but the Q drums copper kit still uses a lot of memory.