Dark Farm No presets or Kits

Uninstalled and reinstalled Dark Farm, rescanned the locations both by rescanning all and by searching for the Dark Farm Folder. The kit pieces are there…just no presets or drumkits.
Any suggestions?

Try scanning system content paths. That worked for me.

Thanks…I tried that. It just seems to hang up. There is no indication that it is working but when i try to close it shows “waiting for job to cancel”… forever.
BTW, I have lost all of my own presets .Actually they are still there but i can only access if I load from file
If I rescan selected paths it works, but to almost any other option it hangs. It has done this for a long time… I suppose i could reinstall BDF3…uhg

Just remove all content paths and add again. Doing that doesn’t make it hang. And that will grab the presets from both the user and system locations.

In the meantime I uninstalled BFD3 and reinstalled, seems to work ok now. Thanks for trying to help…I still think things are not quite right, Dark Farm midi notes for my ekit seem way off rom the rest of BFD3, so I am remapping. Gotta get the CC control for the hihat working now.
Again, thanks for the help…

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