Dark Farm Crashing Pro Tools 2022

When I try to select a Dark Farm Preset, PT Crashes. I updated BFD3 tonight as well.

2023.11.11 1929_59 ProTools Crash.dmp (920.2 KB)

2023.11.11 2052_08 ProTools Crash.txt (24.1 KB)

I think I remember having to deselect something, that fixed this issue before.

Ive tried to upload the crash logs, not sure if it worked right.

Still screwed up, not sure how to get a responce

2023.12.10 1539_26 ProTools Crash.txt (29.9 KB)
2023.12.10 1539_26 ProTools Crash.dmp (1020.0 KB)

I get into a PT session, everything is good. Then I open BFD, try to change the drum preset. PT freezes and crashes.

The only new variable is a bought and installed the Dark Farm pack.

Is it any different in standalone out of interest?

Hi, Stand alone worked fine.

Pro Tools crashed when I tried to change presets. I was able to change some individual kit pieces ( cymbals) without a problem.

Last night, I did uninstall BFD and re-installed it. And I uninstalled the Dark Farm pack.


Is there a way to revert back to the previous BFD3 build ?

Sorry, its not Dark Farms fault.

Things are working properly now. not sure why.
Here is what I did.

I tried to revert back to a previous build. ( Im also having an issue with BFD3 Standalone). That did not change anything, so I went to the License manager and re-installed the current version.

I went in to Pro Tools, and I have been able to change kit presets without crashing.