Dan Foord Polyrhythmic Metal video demo: which kit is that?

I am new to BFD drums. (I have just purchased them but haven’t downloaded them yet.)

I was wondering if anyone knew which BFD kit is being used in the video demo of the Dan Foord Polyrhythmic Metal groove pack?


I have been searching for that snare sound for a long time, where the ringing of the snare has been captured on the high velocity hits, and the skin sounds tight and responsive.

I have Addictive Drums and the latest Steven Slate Drums; but I can’t find that sound in these libraries, even in the expansions.

The Dan Foord Polyrhythmic Metal (Progressive Metal Drum Kit) Groove Pack…
uses the BFD3 Core Library
The Youtube Video and “Tribal Dan” DEMO are previews/auditions of various presets/Grooves/Fills etc.
The Kits/Kit Pieces use a lot of Damping

Directional Mix - 14x4 CANOPUS Piccolo BRONZE/Gel
Fast And Technical - 14x6.5 TAMA Brass Bell
Half Time Chug - 14x6.5 TAMA Brass Bell
Heavy Toms - 14x6.5 TAMA Brass Bell
Intensity - 14x7 TAMA Tempesta/Gel
Ludwig Smack - 14x5 LUDWIG Supraphonic/Hammered/Towel…14x6.5 TAMA Brass Bell
Pork Pie’s And Piccolos - 14x4 CANOPUS Piccolo BRONZE/Gel…14x5 LUDWIG Supraphonic/Hammered/Towel
Straight Up - 14.5x5.5 MAPEX Black Panther Blade/Tape
Tama Snaps - 14x7 TAMA Tempesta/Gel
Tripletesque - 14.5x5.5 MAPEX Black Panther Blade/Tape…14x7 TAMA Tempesta/Gel

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Gee thanks, Chaser. I expected a couple of wild guesses if any response at all, and you’ve got all the info at hand. I really appreciate that.

So here I am saying that I like the sound of that snare, and apparently the audio was switching from one snare to another! I guess when I get the program up and running I will have to audition those presets to see which is the one that jumps out at me like in the video.

Could it be that in the groove pack Dan Foord is hitting the ‘Half Edge’ articulation, and that is what my ears are liking? The AD drums don’t have that articulation, they only have the rim shot. Maybe I will have to buy the Groove pack to find out (I actually don’t play/record much metal).

Probably rim shots, or hits. The half edge seems like it’s used more in fills/ghost notes.

I guess the only way to find out is to buy the Groove Pack and see where the hits land…

“Packs” like this one are an excellent value…
They aren’t just a set of Grooves but also Presets which means full Kits with Cymbals and Mixer settings.
There are many expansions that while they do include drums/shell packs , may not include cymbals and some include few Presets/Kits and only for what’s included in the expansion.
This pack uses multiple snares with multiple Kits from the BFD3 Core Library…Gretsch Stop Sign,Ludwig SS,DW Mardi Gra…Pork Pie,…Zildjian,Paiste and Bosphorous Cymbals
Once you become familiar with BFD you’ll understand you can load the Presets and save the Kits with the mixer settings , you can swap out mix/match kit pieces etc etc using the same mixer settings and create/save your own Custom Kits/Presets…

Here’s a few more Audio Samples.


Thank you again Chaser, you’ve been very helpful.

I didn’t know the Groove Packs came with presets. Because of what you said I purchased the Dan Foord groove pack, if only for the presets, and also because it was quite reasonably priced at Plugin Boutique.

I still haven’t had the chance to begin the download of BFD 3. My internet speed here in Australia isn’t very fast; it could take a day and a night? And I have to disconnect the modem from my office computer and connect it up to my audio computer which is normally offline.

I couldn’t tell you how long it takes since it will be based on a number of factors or if it is in one large download or broken up into smaller downloads like 1 kit at a time (7 Kits).
I do know some in other countries had issues because of their Data Plan and downloading large 80GB expansions.I always recommend using an external Hard Drive.You can then take it with you to install the main software on your choice of machine(s) and have the expansions separate.
You’ll need the machine to be online for Authorization which is checked/renewed every 90 days.

Here is a comparison/example of Presets (No Grooves) being sold for one of the most popular Software for Drums…Superior Drummer 3 (SD3).
On average 1 Preset = $22.00 USD…4 Presets $62.00 USD…and up.
(There is a currency/rate conversion upper right)


Check the BFD | Sample and Groove Packs FAQ’s to get a more detailed breakdown of what you are paying for and is included…

Dan Foord Polyrhythmic Metal Grooves | FAQ’s

How many Grooves are provided?
The pack contains approximately 500 Grooves arranged into 26 palettes.
This pack contains three palette types:
Grooves & Fills: 18 palettes with between 6 - 32 Grooves/Fills per palette
Grooves only: 6 palettes with between 5-24 Grooves per palette
Fills only: 2 palettes with between 11 - 23 Fills per palette

Do the Grooves come with accompanying presets?
Yes - this pack includes 10 BFD3-format presets.

Another Example…
The Product page for BFD Metal Snares is brief description

*Metal Snares
A collection of premium metal-shell snares for BFD3
Snares from Sonor, Gretsch, Zildjian, Ludwig & Pearl
Snares made of brass, bronze, steel and aluminum for a variety of sounds
Played with sticks
Each snare recorded with 6 versions - natural & 2 processed variations with wires on & off.
Perfect for Metal, Rock, Pop & other genres"

where as the BFD Metal Snares | FAQ’s

What is included?
The following are played with sticks and captured with wires on and off and are each delivered in a natural and 2 processed versions.

Sonor Artist Cast Bronze
14x6 inches
Nickel hardware
Cast bronze - one single big 3mm thick piece of bronze
Weighs 25lbs
Evans Power Center batter head
Tuned to a medium tuning

Gretsch Bell Brass
14x6.5 inches
Die cast hardware
Bell Brass - one single 3mm thick piece of brass
30 degree bearing edge gives the sound extra body
Evans Power Center batter head
Tuned to a medium tuning

Zildjian Cast Bronze
14x6.5 inches
Original Zildjian cast bronze snare drum. Made by Noble and Cooley for Zildjian
dating from 1998, this is the first of the cast drums produced for Zildjian
N & C nodal point mounted tube lugs
N & C Gladstone strainer and die cast hoops
Remo Controlled Sound batter head
Tuned to a low tuning

Ludwig 402 Chrome on Aluminium
14x6.5 inches
chrome-plated aluminum shell
10 Imperial style lugs, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops
Hammered shell model
Remo Controlled Sound batter head
Tuned to a medium tuning

Pearl Joey Jordison Signature Snare
13x6.5 inches
Power Piccolo snare
Steel shell. 10 CL65B lugs. Steel Superhoops II
Remo Ambassador Coated batter head
Tuned to a high tuning

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That is quite a price Toontrack is asking for the Superior Drummer presets. As far as I am aware, xln audio (the guys who created Addictive Drums) don’t sell presets. They sell grooves called MIDIpaks, which are just short MIDI clips of a live drummer that can be looped in the DAW. I own a few of them, but usually end up having to write my own drum parts to fit whatever song I am doing, so I don’t use the pre-recorded grooves much anyway.

Thanks, Chaser, for the advice on the download and install; and also for the links you provided for the product details/FAQs. They are very useful and much appreciated.

I finally got the BFD3 drums downloaded and installed. (The posts I read on this forum about the installation and authorization process being somewhat convoluted were correct; of the many plugins and sample libraries I have installed and registered over the years, this has to rate as one of the most difficult. I almost gave up at one point.)

I am very impressed with the sound.

Regarding the Dan Foord snare articulations: looking at the Groove Editor I could see that the dominant snare events were all rim shots, whilst the quieter articulations/fills/ghost strokes were normal hits.

I do love the half edge articulation, even though the Dan Foord grooves don’t use it.

Dan was/is quite a fan of the Oblivion pack, as I recall. I think some of the audio demos are using that, but I can’t fully remember.

Thank you Drew. It would be nice to find out for sure which snares they are.

I should clarify something I wrote earlier about Addictive Drums not having the ‘Half Edge’ articulation. I revisited the Addictive Drums mapping and remembered they had an articulation called “Shallow Hit”, which I think is a similar concept: the drum not being hit in the middle of the skin but closer to one side, although not hitting the rim.

I am trying to remap BFD 3 to Addictive Drums to play some of my old projects for which I used Addictive Drums. I was hopeful loading the AD drums map, but unfortunately too many of the articulations are missing. It looks like I am going to have to start from scratch, which will be difficult because I realized that for some reason the BFD 3 map is labelled 2 octaves higher than it appears in the Piano Roll View of my DAW; so a drum that is mapped as C3, for example, displays in the PRV as C1.

Have you tried going into the Preferences and go down 2 Octaves?

Tools > Show Preferences > MIDI > Octave Numbering Scheme


Thank you Chaser for the solution to the octave calibration problem. I followed your steps and now I have BFD in line with the octave numbers in my DAW. I am very grateful to you.

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