Cubase: BFD3 Playing twice

Hi Guys,

Whenever I hit space bar for playback two instances of bfd3 are playing. The actual VST and the track.
I keep having to play the track open the VST and hit stop inside the VST to stop that playback.

I know there has to be a better way, but I’m new and ignorant. Please help.

On BFD’s dashboard, on the right edge, there are 3 labels: Off, Groove and track.

When set to off, bfd will play what’s written in the parts of the instrument track in Cubase. (I think that’s what you want)

When set to Groove, BFD will play the selected groove of the groove editor. (Of course, it will still try to play what’s on the track, resulting in double sounds)

When set to track, BFD will play the track formed within its own groove editor. (I also believe you can get double drums this way)

So, just turn it to “off”, and start from there, because there could be more at play here, I’m just stating the most obvious first.

Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, the problem still persists.

However, using your advice I decided to clear the groove that was loaded in BFD3 ( that is the groove in cubase) and that works. Not the worst solution .

But was it in BFD or Cubase? That’s the question. You can play grooves from both places, that’s why the sound is double.

With BFD open, and Cubase’s main project window side by side, drag a groove from bfd to the instrument track. Now, if the button I talked about is set to groove, once you hit play from Cubase you will get double drums. Because Cubase sends the midi data to BFD, and BFD plays them, but at the same time BFD plays the selected groove on its own, internally.

thing is also when you load a preset many have example grooves saved with them and ‘track’ or ‘palette’ is selected so it will auto play. just check that every time you load a new preset to avoid double playback. cheers

and hello btw :slight_smile:

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