Cubase 11 cannot find BFD3

Good afternoon.
I recently upgraded my computer to a new Windows 10 system, and upgraded my Cubase DAW to Cubase 11, and now it cannot find BFD3. I may have unintentionally installed Cubase and BFD3 to locations other than the default locations.

Any suggestions on What specific VST file Cubase is looking for and where it needs to be in order for Cubase to find it so I can use the BFD plugin in Cubase again?

Thank you.

Cubase is looking for the .dll file. It’s probably together with your other VST2 plugins. If it isn’t, you can locate it and then add the path in Cubase’s plugin manager.

Something else that might be going on is that you are using a plug-in collection, maybe? In that case, BFD will be listed in the window under the instruments tab, but will be missing from the right pane, with the list of instruments. You can simply drag and drop it there.

My .dll path: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins 64\BFD3\BFD3.dll

In Cubase

Good afternoon, ggmanestraki.

Thanks for your tips provided above. I was able to locate the .dll file for BFD3 and mapped the path within Cubase’s VST plug-in manager. I now have drums again!

I appreciate your help.

Now to find out how to get my license manager to authorize my old BFD2 audio content…but I saw another thread on that.