Crush Kit low volume levels

I just downloaded the Crush kit and all the volume levels are incredibly low, I compared them to my other downloads (Maple Custom Absolute, Sabian Digital Vault and wooden snares) and those levels are fine. The sliders don’t seem to make much of a difference so mixing drums has become a problem. Anyone else have this issue?


What sort of levels are you getting?? I’m not seeing anything untoward here. Could you post a video/audio clip or a screenshot?

I recall that at least the ambient mic channels were definitely coming in at a pretty low volume, compared to other expansions, even with the direct mics sending to them at the default values. Not a huge deal, as I don’t really crank the ambient channels anyways. The only issue is having too low a volume for hitting compressors. You have to bring the threshold way down on a compressor to get any action with the needle.

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So this is the Steve Ferrone groove playing, the snare has a decent hit but the hi hats and toms are very low. I use my DM10 to trigger BFD3 and all the other expansions levels are perfect except for Crush.

Just crank the main trim knob in the Tech panel for the kit pieces that are low in volume. You can use the smaller trim knob in the ambient mics section below in the same panel, to boost the signal going into the ambient channels also. Then save a new preset after you adjust your mixer fader balances again.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.