Crashing with certain 8 Bit Kit samples - updated - now with workaround for the BUG

I double-checked your instructions in earlier posts and followed them down to the letter, even did a fresh install of Eldorado (I’m having the issue with Extras - Snare1 rim), repeated the process and still get the same result.

Renaming does successfully stop a new xml file from being created in the LoudnessCashe folder, but the articulation just won’t play anymore.

I left the other xml file in the audio data folder alone, as advised.

I have no idea what you’ve done but the fix works fine for Eldorado-Extras-Snare1-Rim, I even mention it in my post earlier.

It’s impossible for me to say what you’ve done wrong (or differently) so I can only suggest you roll back to before you made the changes and do the process again.

Rest assured it’s not rocket science it’s just some corrupted xml files and my process just generates new, uncorrupted ones. If you take a look at the files themselves you should be able to see what is going on.

Thanks for your efforts, maybe I’m just being dopey.
If you have time, could you check this screenrecording to see if I went wrong anywhere?

As for checking the files, I don’t really know what to look for. I’m fairly new to BFD and didn’t know I’d have to learn to code to use it lol.

Is this what’s causing the issue?

As you can see, this is after I renamed it to .old.
Same thing in the xml file in the audio folder, which I didn’t touch.

Ok guys here is the real and permanent fix for this BFD 8-Bit library kit samples snares crashing on BFD3. The real and unique problem and solution in in the BFDArticTweaks.xml file of each instrument articulation. Please find attached to this the file fix, you have to replace the BFDArticTweaks.xml files into each affected instrument articulation folder.

That is it, I hope you all enjoy it very much!!!

BFD 8 Bit Kit BFD ArticTweaks.xml (45.6 KB)