Crash during Building list of items to scan


When I launch BDF after the new update, BFD crash during the Building list of items to scan. I therefore cannot launch BFD. Is it a way to solve this ?

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Hi Damath

How long did you leave it to scan for and do you have just the core library or lots of expansion kits and grooves?

It can take quite a while and when I first installed it I forced it to close a few times as I didn’t have the patience.

If you’re running the latest build it’s supposed to be much quicker now according to the release note but maybe not. I have a lot of grooves in one single folder and it still hangs when scanning them so I have to go through the 20 or so folders one at a time.



I have a lot of expansion. It seems to crash when scanning BFD 2 third paries expansion (sonic reality / platinums amples) expansions.

I do not care letting the scan for a long time but it crashes.


This happens for me on Mac (Catalina) but not on PC (Win 10 1909).

Thanks, but I am on Mac only.

Yep, when I scan el Dorado it just freezes up and never completes the scan. I have to FORCE QUIT BFD

I’m having the same issue. I’m on a Mac running the latest OS of Catalina. When I launch BFD it goes to the scanning page and after a few seconds it crashes. I then get the Problem Report for BFD3 that says BFD3 quit unexpectedly. Is there a way to remove the content path locations without BFD running so I can see if the program will launch without the content location? It was working ok before I installed the latest update. Any help is appreciated.