Crash and then Crash! Then Crash

I have tried everything!! I have reported the crashes and I haven’t heard a word back on what is going on and why this is happening? I purchased this product earlier int he year and it never worked. Now that I had a bit of time I thought I would try and get it working. Absolutely disappointed that it will not work!! I wanted to purchase a couple of the packs to get some of the cool sounds I would like to have.
Too bad. Erasing everything I could find on my system (MAC) and after I was thinking I would have a fresh install it still asked me where a Core Library was? So I recreated that and it still crashes. Hitting NEXT or CANCEL results in a CRASH!!!
Has anyone else had this problem and have you been able to FIX it?
P.S. Licience Manager says I am good to go as well.

Did you actually install the Core library or did you just download it?
I’m asking because a lot of people make the mistake of just downloading it and not realising that’s it needs to be run, it’s a .exe file (or DMG on a mac) so it needs to be installed.
That might explain why BFD3 is asking you where the core library is.

Also, do you have a folder called BFD Crash Logs?

If you can find that, and send all the relevant logs to that might help


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Yes I did install it. There is something wrong. Even when I click on cancel at that point the program still crashes. Shouldn’t it open and then be able to make another path even?
I have installed and uninstalled so many times now I have lost count.

Clearly something is wrong and I’m wondering if it’s an issue with your set up but I’m a windows user so not the best person to help.

For mac users on here, it could be a big help if you listed your set up, in particular, what os your using.
Have you checked the BFD3 system requirements?


Minimum Requirements: macOS 10.13 to macOS 12 Monterey. Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 ghz / equivalent or Mac M1 + M2 ARM chips, 4GB DDR3 RAM, SSD for audio content strongly recommended. Internet connection.


I was going to reply before you did, that they should at least post their version of macOS and machine architecture being used. You can’t expect helpful answers without providing helpful details.

Fwiw… I’m on Intel, macOS 10.14.6. Previous BFD3 build.

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Mac Studio
Memory 128GB
Mac OS Ventura 13.5.2
Newest BFD

So I still haven’t heard a word from this company? Totally uncalled for. Absolutely shitty customer service.
Waiting weeks now and not a peep. Why did I waste my money on this? It has never worked.

Did you email support at

Or fill out the online support ticket here. Submit a ticket : BFD Drums

If you have only reported it ere on the forum, that might be why you haven’t had any response from the bakers.